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Welcome to the website of GAS-PRESS service. Installation of boilers & heating stations with associated piping works.
Svařování potrubí nerezové, plastové, tlakové pro vodu, vzduch, páru i tech. plyny ...

Svařování potrubí nerezové, plastové, tlakové pro vodu, vzduch, páru i tech. plyny ...

Supply & installation of any metal, stainless or plastic piping

Steel & Stainless Steel Pipe Welding

GAS-PRESS offers comprehensive welding services and our welders are certified in a wide range of welding procedures using various materials. We provide welding services both in house and at external locations according to the needs of our customers. We weld steel piping for general requirements using various types of materials, including but not limited to material as per EN 1.0038 (S235JR), as well as for pressure applications as per EN 1.0345 (material P235GH). We are also certified to weld stainless steel materials as per standard EN 1.4301 (ASME 304) and 1.4541 (ASME 316), as well as other stainless steel materials. Our welding methods are described here.

Additionally, we are able to weld lesser-used materials like Haynes 230 for the aircraft industry, or EN 1.4571 (ASMI 321) for chemical applications.

We provide a wide range of plumbing services for galvanized piping with threaded ends, and even soldering and brazing. We are certified to install piping with either bolted or pressed pipe clamps (Victaulic, Mapress or similar), with different types of fittings to reduce installation time. We can supply and install various plastic piping systems from materials like polyethylen (PE), polyprophylen (PP), PVC & PVCU, as well as multilayer pipes (Geberit). Pipes are connected to one another by special-purpose glue, mechanical connections or electrofusion joints. We also offer copper piping installations with either brazed or soldered joints, or specially designed press-type connections.
Furthermore, we can install piping made from titanium or other similar alloys as per manufacturer procedures. Before delivering piping systems to our customers, they are fully marked according to customer requirements and painted upon request.

We also conduct pressure tests, system flushing and other procedures as required by the process engineer or equipment manufacturer. Finally, we can provide heat insulation using various systems, depending on temperature requirements and ambient conditions.

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